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Live Stream Event Technical Information

To prepare for this live broadcast event, or if you are experiencing an issue, please note the following important information:

  • Support Contact
    If you have worked through the information provided below and still need help, your best support contact is Sam Doughty from M3 Technology Group (

  • Browsers Supported

       The streaming player is supported on recent versions of the following computer browsers and mobile/tablet devices.         Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer. iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) through Safari. Android         OS devices through Google Chrome.

  • Screencasting Support
    Screencasting (showing a stream from your device on a television system running a set-top box) is supported through Safari to Apple Airplay, and through Google Chrome to Chromecast. Streams are tested using separate set-top boxes, and may not work as reliably through a "Smart TV" with a built-in emulator, even if that device works for other services.

  • Network Speed
    For the best viewing experience, viewers should be able to sustain at least 5 Mbps download speed through their selected device and network. Streams are provided in adaptive format, so they will scale down for devices and networks with lesser capabilities, but these streams may not be in high definition. For example, watching on a cellular connection should work fine, but the video quality may be reduced compared to a computer device on a faster network.

  • Other Issues
    Two other important elements that may impact the viewing experience are the graphics capability of the device being used, and other traffic on the same device or network. A newer device with a faster graphics card can typically handle decoding video faster, which means the viewing experience will be smoother and in higher quality. Other competing network traffic may reduce bandwidth available for your stream, and should be controlled during the time of the event. Even regularly checking email could cause temporary interruptions or lower quality streams as data is downloaded over the same network connection.

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